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Accessible Information & Services

young black woman on the phone in the officeThe OU’s unique open-entry policy and style of distance learning enables students to learn in their own time, at home or wherever they choose — reading, watching or listening to material, with regular support provided by their tutor. The OU is ideal for people who may have difficulty attending a campus-based university for a wide variety of reasons.


For disabled students or students with health conditions that affect their ability to study, to attend residential school or to take examinations, we provide a wide range of alternative formats, services and reasonable adjustments and have our own access centre to assess student needs. We also assess and provide reasonable adjustments for our disabled staff to enable individuals to perform effectively in their roles.

Visit the Disability Support website


You don't need a formal qualification in English to study with the OU but successful OU study does require a reasonable standard of English.  When you apply to study with us, you'll need to confirm that you're a competent user of English. We provide online activities and diagnostics for enquirers to help you assess whether you meet the required competency standard.

Visit the English for OU Study website 

Computers & Internet

Using computers and the internet to enhance study is an essential part of learning at higher education level. Students need regular and reliable access to a computer and the internet to take full advantage of our online services, including module learning materials, forums, and the library.

We use websites extensively to communicate with our students, staff, alumni and members of the public. Due to its unique nature The Open University has developed its own accessibility guidelines. The OU Web Accessibility Guidelines are based on WCAG 2.0.   We include a variety of accessibility features from the outset, and provide guidance to our website users to enable individuals to utilise web technologies.

Find out more about website accessibility 

Freedom of Information

In addition to the wide range of information we publish on our websites, any member of the public can request information from the University through a freedom of information enquiry. So far as is possible, The Open University aims to provide members of the public with any information it holds, on request, providing this is not sensitive data as defined by the Data Protection Act.

photographer: Richard Learoyd