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Monitoring Equality

hand writing on chartsEqual opportunities monitoring allows us to identify where inequalities exist, and to measure progress in reducing inequalities.

We monitor progress against the key performance indicators agreed for the objectives in our equality scheme. In addition, we analyse a wide range of equality monitoring data and act on it, including revising our objectives where appropriate. Our annual monitoring arrangements consist of a cycle whereby we analyse different information in different years. We have staggered our monitoring in this way so that the information we produce is always put to good use.

Protected Characteristics

All of the characteristics protected by the Public Sector Equality Duty in Great Britain and the Section 75 duty in Northern Ireland are included in the scope of our monitoring strategy. However, we do not collect data on gender identity (transgender). We have a legal duty to protect the privacy of individuals who have fully transitioned and we will therefore not collect or retain any records relating to gender change. Our approach to understanding and addressing gender identity equality is to rely on qualitative information derived from engagement and research.

Declaring Sensitive Personal Information

Declaring sensitive personal information is always a matter of personal choice, but by providing this information, staff and students are enabling the University to understand and respond positively to the different needs and circumstances of our diverse workforce and student body. As with other sensitive personal information, the University protects your privacy and will not share this information in a way that can be used to identify you.

Click here to find out 10 reasons why you should feel comfortable declaring your personal information at The OU. Further information about declaring sensitive personal information is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.

Every year, we publish a comprehensive set of tables and charts for governance, staff and students, across a wide range of participation and progress indicators. The latest reports are published in the Policy, Plans and Reports section of this website.

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