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Planning, Reporting & Publishing

hand print treeAn annual review of progress and delivery against institutional and unit equality objectives is coordinated by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team, on behalf of the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group (EDISG). The review is aligned to the University’s normal business planning cycle.  Progress against the equality objectives and key performance indicators are reported to EDISG three times a  year and to Council annually. 

Publishing Information

As a public authority, the OU is required to publish information about its employees and other persons affected by its policies. We  publish our equality scheme and equality objectives, together with a significant range of data on our employees, students, and governance bodies annually  and have done so for many years.

On this website, we have published the following:

Our equality scheme is available in a variety of formats as described on the Equality Scheme page of this website. Other formats can be provided on request.

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