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Consulting & Engaging

3 people meeting around a tableWe recognise that engagement with students, alumni, staff, partners, and the wider University community, in governance and institutional development, greatly enhances the quality of our decision-making. Engagement supports our vision of creating an inclusive university community.

Engagement with our students and potential students, in particular, helps us to remain student-centred and position students as active participants in their learning and study experience.

Our Engagement Model

We have a well-established, participatory model of engagement, which includes for example: representation of students on governing bodies; student surveys and research; market research groups; external academic engagement through appointment of external examiners, critical readers and contributors to the curriculum; staff surveys, and wide consultation on strategy development.

We have adopted a model of engagement that enables us to involve stakeholders in a way that is appropriate to the impact of the changes we are making.

Engagement Model

  • Where the impact on people is low, we will inform, telling people about the changes that will affect them.
  • Where the impact on people is medium, we will consult, collecting opinions and views before making changes.
  • Where the impact on people is high, we will involve, working with others to shape ideas and outcomes.
  • Where the impact on people is very high, we will partner, creating a clear division of roles and responsibilities.

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