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External Resources

  • Equality Challenge Unit 
    Browse by subject for disability information related to sector statistical reports and guidance on inclusive practice.  Browse under ‘law’ for equality law information related to disability.
  • Equality and Human rights Commission 
    For information about your rights related to disability, browse under 'Your Rights'.  For guidance for education providers and information about the public sector equality duty, browse 'Private and public sector guidance' and 'Publications'.
  • Equality Commission for Northern Ireland 
    Browse under ‘legislation' (scroll down to bottom of page) for information about equality law related to disability.  Browse under ‘Employers & Service Providers' and select 'Public Authorities' for information about public sector duties under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.
  • The Higher Education Academy 
    Browse the resources centre for information about disability programmes, events and resources.