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Through our Royal Charter, we are able to validate programmes offered by institutions that want to make OU awards.  This is essential in supporting our mission to widen access to higher education.

network links illustrationThe template below can be used for partners (including OU Approved Institutions), to carry out a self-assessment of performance in the area of equality and diversity. The tool builds on the seven enabling activities of our equality scheme, which covers leadership and responsibility, staff development, individual behaviours, involvement, impact assessment, monitoring and reporting and publishing, and provides examples of effective practice under each of these. It can be used by the partner institution to document their current practice, rate themselves and record future development actions. The intention is to support institutions to reflect on their current practice and performance and to support a culture of continuous improvement.
View the Partners equality self-assessment template 

We are pleased to make the above resources on our equality and diversity website available to other organisations free of charge, to help advance equality. We only ask that you credit The Open University if you use or adapt them.

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