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2017 - 2018

Events and seminars

Below we have a variety of events and activities which were either organised/hosted by the SRA and/or attended by members of the SRA.

Social Media Unconference (October 2017)

This was the 2nd event to be organised by the SRA and focused on the use of Social Media from an educational/teaching perspective.


Medilink ACTIS Event, Gamification (November 2017)

The SRA is a partner on the ACTIS project and we co-host events with Medilink East Midlands. This was the first event of the year and included academics from the OU, and SMEs from across the East Midlands region.


Research Impact Workshop (December 2017)

Dr Sarah Earle is the Director of the SRA and the co-chair of the C20 UoA for REF.

The SRA organised and hosted a research impact related workshop and invited Professor Mark Reed from the University of Newcastle to offer guidance and advice relating to pathways to impact and impact related activity.



Child and Information Safety Congress “Digital Games” Conference (April 2018)

Dr Hannah R. Marston was invited to be a keynote speaker this conference held in Ankara, Turkey. Her keynote presentation focused on the various uses of digital games in social and serious games research.

Hannah was also invited to give an interview about intergenerational gaming which can be found here.


2nd Digital Health & Wellbeing Conference (May 2018)

Based on a successful Digital Health and Wellbeing symposium held the previous year, the SRA decided to organise and host a larger conference, spanning 3 days and inviting colleagues from across the world. We were thrilled to have delegates and presenters from academia, business, medicine, and from Canada, Japan, South Africa, Germany, UK, and Italy.

We have a selection of photos below and all keynote presentations were recorded and can be accessed here.