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Cultivators harvesting water, western India, early 20th century, image

Territories of Conquest, Landscapes of Resistance - Sandip Hazareesingh

13 May 2016

Were peasant cultivators in India who resisted colonial demands to grow more export crops forebears of food sovereignty movement?

Murals in the town of Toribio, Colombia image

Colombian Peace Process: Rural Landscapes in Transition - Lorenza B Fontana

3 May 2016

As Colombia edges towards peace, longstanding issues of poverty and rural development must be faced if it is to last.

New York image

Why New York-Style Rent Controls Wouldn't Work in London - Alan Shipman

25 April 2016

New York clings firmly to its system of rent control, but London's housing market has changed too much to re-introduce them.

Henry Seguya, Research Student, Development Policy and Practice, OU image

Smallholder Farmers Must be Included in Policy and Research Processes - Henry Seguya

29 March 2016

Integrating local schemes into research and policy processes could lead to improved indicators for nutrition, food security and incomes.


The Corporate Criminal: cover of book image

Banking Crimes without End - Steve Tombs

23 March 2016

Two new reports from the NAO offer a telling reminder that within the financial services sector, crime forms part of normal business practice.


Machine making liquid medicines in Africa image

Continuous Improvement Is Not Enough - Julius Mugwagwa

4 March 2016

Rather than trying to play catch-up, African pharmaceutical companies need manufacturing systems which meet users' needs both quickly and cheaply.

Shantytown in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Climate Change: Donors, Myths & Reality - Joseph Hanlon

25 February 2016

Bangladesh has some of the world's leading climate change experts, but to try to head off its disastrous effects they're forced to connive in tales of refugees.

Aedes mosquito and Mesocyclops image

Time Media Covered Community Solutions to Zika - Andrea Berardi

3 February 2016

Decision-makers have a clear choice: an expensive, foreign-controlled approach, or a community-owned solution that relies on naturally occurring predators.


Community_Owned_Solutions_Tomatoes image

Tradition v Progress - Andrea Berardi

12 January 2016

Rather than tradition versus progress, a community-owned solutions approach is about control and who decides which practices should be supported.


Housing image

What You Need to Know Ahead of the Spending Review - Alan Shipman

21 December 2015

As the UK government delivers its spending plans for the next five years, a number of controversial cuts are on the cards.

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