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A hybrid-modelling framework model image

Spatial Models and Wicked Problems - Belinda Wu

30 December 2016

How might spatial models and analyses help overcome longstanding issues related to development?


Ed Balls in Strictly Come Dancing. Nick Ansell PA Wire/PA Image

Autumn Statement 2016: Tories Shift to Growth Strategy in an Ed Balls-Style Pirouette - Alan Shipman

28 December 2016

Hammond has taken an oddly similar stance to former shadow chancellor Ed Balls: running a deficit and boosting infrastructure spending.


Mwanza, Tanzania image

Tanzania's Social Media Policing Increases Risks of Government Abuse - Charlotte Cross

2 November 2016

Rather than fraud, the biggest cyber security concern for many Tanzanians is the risk of inadvertently becoming a perpetrator of politically-defined cybercrime.

Indigenous Cities, Habitat III Conference image

How to Implement the People-centred Element of the New Urban Agenda? - Philipp Horn

25 October 2016

The UN Habitat III conference sees calls for research to make sure that people – not profit – are at forefront of local implementation practices.

Local production of medicines in Africa image

Kenyan and Tanzanian Medicine Producers Deserve a Shot in the Arm - Samuel Wangwe & Maureen Mackintosh

30 September 2016

Local production of medicines can create a win-win situation for health and employment.

Piggy bank image

Banking 'Shake-Up' Relies Too Much on Customers Shopping Around - Jonquil Lowe

6 September 2016

A common cry from regulators is that customers must shop around for the best offer – but research shows households rarely look for a better banking deal.

Piggy bank image

How Bank of England Rate Cut Will Hit Personal Finances - Jonquil Lowe

25 August 2016

As the Bank of England cuts interest rates to a historic low of 0.25% and injects further quantitative easing, Jonquil Lowe explores the potential effects.

Quito, Ecuador's capital city image

Ecuador’s Earthquake: Reconstruction For or With the People? - Philipp Horn

13 June 2016

As Ecuador responds to its worst humanitarian disaster in decades, will govt follow a top-down, or a more participatory, reconstruction approach?

Icelandic fishing boats image

Diamond Geysers: Rule-breaking Iceland Completes Miracle Economic Escape - Alan Shipman

8 June 2016

One of the worst-hit countries during the financial crisis has regained economic strength inside a gilded cage – which it can now melt down to re-sell the gold.

Table of imperfect consumers: Financial Conduct Authority image

The 'Imperfect' Consumers Shut Out of Basic Financial Services - Jonquil Lowe

2 June 2016

New report shows millions in the UK are denied essential financial services because of disability, disease and age.


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