Library use and student success

Each year, we analyse data about student attainment and how participation in library training and use of Library resources relate to student success. We have repeatedly found a correlation between student attainment and engagement with the Library.

Across the university, 31% of 2022J students who attended a live training session gained a distinction at the end of their module. 2022J students are those who started studying a module in October 2022.

Similarly, students who access Library resources more frequently correlate to a greater number of distinctions. For all schools, students who received a distinction accessed on average more Library resources than students who passed or failed the module.

When looking at all 2022J students together, students who gained a Distinction averaged 34 resource accesses, those who attained a Pass averaged 20 resource accesses, and those who received a Fail averaged 4 resource accesses.

You will find charts detailing the data, including school-level data on Library resource accesses, in these documents below, If you have any questions, please contact us.