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In 2019 Open Justice established the Online Policy Clinic to undertake research on behalf of organisations and charities. The purpose of the Policy Clinic is to provide research and evidence, aiming to influence policy and law reform. All work in the Policy Clinic is overseen by experienced Open University tutors who have a background in policy and advocacy work.  The students taking part in the policy clinic are in their final year of their law degree.  Below are two examples of reports from the 2021 student cohorts.

'Cost of Non-religious wedding Ceremonies'  - This research was undertaken for the Law Commission’s project ‘Weddings’, which is currently considering possible reforms to the law regarding how people may get married in England and Wales. 

'Access to Justice' : Climate Emergency' - This research was undertaken on behalf of the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF); an organisation which provides access to legal advice and action on behalf of individuals and communities and those who may be disadvantaged. ELF is concerned with the changing climate, green spaces and environmental concerns or threats. It is a not for profit organisation and relies on donations and pro bono work from a vast range of educated individuals.

In this blog, Associate Lecturer Gillian Mawdsley writes about this years Environmental Policy Clinic group work.

Contact us

If you are an organisation that would like to be involved with our Policy Clinic project, please get in touch with us.

A blog written by our Policy clinic coordinator Liz Hardie gives further information on the project.

 'How can law students influence governmental decisions and contribute to law reform?' 

Policy clinic testimonials

Quotes from students who have been involved in recent policy clinic activities.

I would highly recommend the policy clinic. My participation in the clinic provided me with an unexpected but most welcome opportunity to become curious, explore and understand environmental law, focusing particularly on climate change emergency declarations as part of a UK wide research project. Tutor support has been invaluable. I have also enjoyed working as part of a supportive student team. Finally, I had the opportunity to represent the Open Justice Centre as part of a national meeting with other students across the UK, which was a real privilege. The policy clinic is the hidden gem of W360!