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Mediation provides an effective and non-adversarial form of dispute resolution which is increasingly recognised and encouraged within the UK justice system. Students working on the Open Justice mediation project were given the opportunity to undertake training in mediation and to understand how mediation skills, typically used in a face to face context, can be adapted to enable mediation in an online context. 

22-23 Mediation Projects

During this year's project our students undertook a variety of role play exercises, ending with a simulated online employment law mediation where other students and alumni played the roles of a disgruntled employee and a HR adviser. Feedback from the clients praised the active listening skills of the mediators and their ability manage conflict – for example: ‘the mediators ensured each person had time to listen and speak’ and ‘[the mediators] showing respect to each other […] set the tone for the meeting and how it should be conducted.’ 

As part of the project the students drafted an information leaflet introducing their mediation services to potential clients. Below are two examples of these leaflets.

'Mediato' Mediation

Mediation 360

Previous projects

In 2020, as well as undertaking a variety of role play exercises, student groups drafted an information leaflet introducing their mediation services to potential clients.  During the pandemic, online mediation was the default option and students reflected on its advantages and disadvantages over in person mediation at the end of the project. Below are some examples of these leaflets.

4M - Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Mediation 

4M Virtual Mediation - Leaflet

Leaflet Blue

Mediation briefing note

Mediation Matters - Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Mediation 

A student blog on the Mediation Project is available here

Mediation project testimonials

Quotes from students who have been involved in recent mediation activities.

I have learnt that what could be seen as the traditional route through the legal process, is not obtainable or viable for all situations, therefore, mediation as a form of ADR can be a route to obtain social justice.

Participating in the pro bono mediation open justice activities has given me the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and values.

The mediation training was brilliant and gave me the skills to competently mediate a dispute between two fictional clients.