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Affiliated Clubs

Welcome to the index of our Affiliated Clubs. If you browse the A-Z menus on the right, you will find that we have around forty clubs for you to choose from!

The Club exists to provide social and recreational facilities to staff and also, on occasions to the general public, with staff members given priority.

Variety is certainly the key word here, and along with the rich diversity, you’ll find that each club is organised in a different way. Most clubs are based at Walton Hall though some, like the sailing club, are elsewhere for obvious reasons.

Most sporting clubs offer activities at different levels – e.g. the Tag Rugby club compete in a league once a week in Bedford but also have a more casual game twice a week on campus.

Colleagues from the Nations and Regions are welcome to join any club but may find unavoidable logistical problems with participation in some activities. However, their local offices also run their own activities, supported by the Club ... See the Nations and Regions pages for further information.

How do I start an Affiliated Club?

If you've got an idea for a new club you'd like to start, you should first consider the following factors:

  • Has interest for your club been gained from members of staff?
  • Is it viable?
  • Is it safe?
  • Where will the club meet?
  • Will you need storage?
  • Are you flexible with your days and times?
  • Do you have an executive committee to cover the roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer?

Once you've had a think about these issues, please get in touch with us to have a chat about getting your new club set up. We'll do our very best to support the creation of new clubs which would benefit colleagues and friends around the University.