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Discounts? Yes please!

The OU Club have arranged discounts for Club members with a number of local suppliers, primarily on production of your OU Staff I.D. Card.

The Club is legally bound to point out that it accepts no responsibility for the quality of goods supplied by these businesses, neither does their appearance in the list imply a recommendation by the OU Club. Members should satisfy themselves as to the validity of discounts shown.

The Club also suggests that staff should check out exactly what the discount applies to and the amount, before purchasing any goods or services.

Adding to our discount providers

The OU Club is continuously looking to increase the member benefits on offer, particularly with national traders. Currently the discounts offered are predominantly in the Milton Keynes area but recently we have been in discussion with various national companies. If you know of any local or national companies who are willing to offer a discount to OU Club members (and can provide us with a contact name and email address) please contact us and we will send them a Traders Application Form to complete and then update the website accordingly.


As a member of staff of the Open University, it is possible to obtain membership with Costco.

Costco Membership

Please note that we do not have a discount in place.