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About OU Club

Natalie MottWelcome from the Chair

A warm welcome to the OU Club website!

As I take the reins as Chair of the OU Club for another year I would like to extend my thanks to all the OU-Club Committee members, the Club office and the staff members who run Affilated Clubs and the Social Clubs in our Nations, Manchester and Nottingham for their hard work in helping to make the benefits, trips, events and activities available for all to participate in.

The OU Club commitment is to help provide varied social and recreational activities that staff and research students can participate in,  both here and off campus. All staff, home workers, research students and colleagues in Nations, Manchester and Nottingham are automatically members of the Club and we encourage you all to make use of the OU Club and the social events and Affiliated Clubs that are available to everyone.

As you delve into our website you will find some amazing clubs, from Amateur Radio to Zumba that may interest you. You will find events that are run throughout the year by our OUTrips Club and OU Theatre Group Bookers Club. 

The OU Club actively looks for discounted services or special offers from local traders and national traders that we hope will benefit our members. We are always looking for new benefits to offer you, so if know of anyone that might be willing to offer us a discount, please contact the Club Office.

The OU Club website offers a wealth of information on Clubs and events but we also have a social mailing list that you can join to give you early notice of the range of events and activities that are being organised. Affiliated Clubs and the Nations, Manchester and Nottingham should contact the Club Office to have any special events they are organising advertised via this list. If you want to join the list or want help in publicising an event please contact the Club Office.

Remember, the Club is run by staff for staff and can only function with your support. If you have any questions, suggestions or even wish to get involved we would love to hear from you!

Natalie Mott

OU Club Chair 2023/2024