Migration Inclusive Afrian Growth (MIAG)

MIAG is a multi-country interdisciplinary study looking at alternative migration flows to, and within Africa to examine the contribution of migrants to more sustainable and inclusive growth on the continent.

The project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) under the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) – Inclusive Societies Initiative.

Our Research and methodology

MIAG originated from an ESRC/GCRF-funded network grant which identified that recent knowledge of the flows of migrants and their population sizes, motivations, organisation and impacts is largely anecdotal, while official data is partial and fragmented. The project looks to address this gap by producing the first multi-country comparative study of recent migration within and to, Africa. Our focus is on four of Africa’s largest and fastest growing economies: Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria, and we will be looking at how different migrant groups operate in, and contribute to key sectors of these economies.   

Developing a robust conceptual framework on the ways migration and inclusive growth are linked
Understanding alternative migration movements beyond the traditional north–south paradigm as well as the motives and experiences of individual migrants
The potential of migrants to contribute to the growth of African economies in ways that are more inclusive and equitable
How growth generated by migrants is affected by policy and in return, the extent to which migrants are able to influence policy and practice that will enhance the contribution of migration to inclusive growth
New data sets that capture broad trends and personal trajectories based on innovative quantitative and qualitative research methods
Evaluate innovative examples of policy and practice that enhance the contribution of migration to inclusive growth in order to produce capacity-building resources and innovative policy responses

Latest publications

Journal article - 18 Jun 2019
Prof Parvati Raghuram and colleagues highlight the multi-directional and complex nature of cross-border intra-regional migration in Asia using three themes - labour migration, impact of migration on the family, and governance and politics.
Journal article - 13 Jun 2019
This working paper, based on an International Growth Centre project involving MIAG Co-Investigator in Mozambique, Prof. Ines Raimundo, investigates the role of subjective expectations in shaping occupational choices among university students in Mozambique
Book - 11 Jun 2019
A thorough and fascinating study of motivations, relationships and impact of Chinese migrants in Africa co-authored by MIAG members Ben Lampert and Giles Mohan with colleagues May Tan-Mullins and Daphne Chang.


01 May 2020
In December 2019, Natalie Chaponda, project administrator at AMADPOC, attended The Open University's conference on open distance learning in Kampala, Uganda. Natalie recalls her experience of promoting MIAG at the event
01 Jul 2019
Evidence Cafes are designed to encourage greater and more effective knowledge exchange between academics and researchers with practitioners and policy makers. Dr Linda Oucho, talks about the history of the cafes and how they were instrumental to MIAG.
06 Jun 2019
MIAG is working with Dr Anne Adams to create a set of free online short courses that teach how to run evidence cafes.

Our partners

The support of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) (UK) is gratefully acknowledged.
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