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MIAG will explore the economic and non-economic dimensions that are most critical for understanding migration and inclusive growth (IG).

In terms of economic dimensions, MIAG aims to ascertain the economic contributions contemporary migrant communities make to IG in Africa. For IG to occur through migration it needs to enhance capital formation, job creation, productivity, skills development, and improve wider human capital. The research questions linked to income-related dimensions are:

  • What are the levels of job creation?
  • What types of jobs are created or engaged in?
  • What are the levels of job security and working conditions?
  • How has productivity changed?
  • How have levels of household real disposable income changed and how is it used?
  • What assets have been increased and how are they used?

The human capital dimensions focus on whether there have been improvements/investments in human capital? Have skills and capabilities been augmented? Has entrepreneurship been fostered?