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Aderanti Adepoju

Network of Network Research on Africa (NOMRA) - Nigeria

Aderanti Adepoju, a Nigerian, professor, economist-demographer and a leading African migration specialist, spent several years lecturing and researching issues on migration at the Universities of Ife and Lagos, Nigeria and while working for the ILO in Addis Ababa, UN in Swaziland and UNFPA in Senegal. A former President of the Union for African Population Studies and member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Migration, he is now chief executive of the Human Resources Development Centre in Lagos and Founder/Coordinator of the Network of Migration Research on Africa. He serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of key international migration journals and has published numerous scientific articles and books on aspects of Africa’s international migration and regional integration. Migration in the service of African Development: Essays in honour of Professor Aderanti Adepoju (ed. John Oucho, 2011) acknowledged his four decades of research on African migration issues.