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Contact us

Azumah Dennis - Praxis Director

Carol Azumah Dennis - Centre Director

Telephone Azumah: 01908 (6)55927

Shahnaz Hussain (Shiny) Praxis Centre Manager

Shahnaz Hussain - Centre Manager

Telephone Shahnaz: 01908 (6)53517

Katie Shallow

Katie Pauley - Centre Support Assistant

Email Katie Pauley (katie.pauley@open.ac.uk)
OR Telephone: 01908 (6)38255

Suzie Jarvis

Suzie Jarvis - Centre Support Assistant

Email Suzie Jarvis (suzie.jarvis@open.ac.uk)
OR Telephone: 01908 (6)53699


Email us

Email the Praxis team (wels-praxis@open.ac.uk)