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Welcome to Praxis: Centre for Scholarship and Innovation in WELS


Praxis brings together academics from Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELS) ​and also the Institute of Educational​ Technology (IET)​ to promote and support the scholarship of teaching and learning in our Faculty.

Praxis is one of four Open University centres for scholarship and innovation, established in response to the University's commitment to sustained and intentional inquiry into learning, teaching and assessment practices in higher education. The term Praxis has found expression in a range of contexts and settings over time. Whilst often associated with the links between theory and practice, Praxis also has a moral and ethical dimension; it is concerned with action which is informed and committed. Thus, the concept of 'praxis' represents our centre's commitment to practitioner enquiry that seeks to understand and advance practice in the field of teaching and learning through research.​



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