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Working with us

Praxis has a well-established presence within the WELS Faculty and across the University. We invite scholarship proposals that focus on a selection of strategically important areas with the potential to sustain and develop our reputation for high quality learning and teaching. Our Faculty colleagues respond to our internal project calls and we support all successful project teams through every stage of their project.

Our current priorities are:

  1. To enable more students to achieve:
    1. Support increasing recruitment, with reference to the Access and Participation Plan
    2. Improve retention
    3. Enhance and support progression
    4. Increase achievement
  2. To enhance employability, career progression and impact on practice:
    1. Embed employability across our curriculum
    2. Enhance and track professional development and career progression opportunities
    3. Enhance impact on professionalism, on practice and on those for whom practice is designed
  3. To enhance academic excellence
    1. Inform cutting edge curricula
    2. Develop engaging teaching that contributes to students’ learning gain
    3. Inform effective technology enhanced pedagogies
    4. Understand and enhance student experiences and students’ participation in developing those experiences
  4. To diversify income sources
    1. Develop new commercial activities
    2. Extend international opportunities
    3. Establish new markets and models of delivery, including apprenticeships
    4. Enhance opportunities for income-generating partnerships through developing transferable principles, strategies and approaches for developing learning and teaching

Working with external partners

We are continually seeking innovative ways of engaging with external colleagues. If you are currently, or have recently, been involved with developing new and innovative approaches to online teaching and learning within the WELS disciplines then please get in touch. We welcome the opportunity for collaboration!