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About us

Man standing on a mountain looking out over a beautiful sun rise and landscapeOur vision for Praxis is of a community of scholars who are asking and investigating challenging questions about learning and teaching. This community will be characterised in three distinct ways:

  1. A visible community: Praxis will lead the way in facilitating practices that put scholarship at the heart of the academic agenda. We will have a visible presence in the Faculty, whether we are physically in the same space or connected remotely, raising awareness and strengthening the impact of our work. We will have an online presence, both internally and externally, that both profiles our work and inspires participation.
  2. A collaborative community: Our individual academic identities are shaped in part through the communities in which we participate and belong. We develop as we connect with peers and mentors and as we collaborate on projects. Peer support, mentoring, writing groups and scholarship workshops will all provide opportunities to enthuse us collectively and sustain our individual activities.
  3. A dialogic community: We will continually engage in the kinds of conversations that move ideas forward, help us to identify alternative approaches and give momentum to the process of research and writing. This ongoing dialogue will keep our agenda fresh and dynamic, and, most importantly, transform reflections and conversations into active scholarship.