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Meet the team

Carol Azumah Dennis - Praxis Director

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Dr Carol Azumah Dennis was appointed Praxis Director in January 2024. She has worked in the Open University since 2017 as a Senior Lecturer in Education. Her research explores the ethical potential and responsibilities of post-16 professionals.  With a keen commitment to manifesto as academic genre, Azumah has written about the entanglement of research, policy and practice.  The opportunity to Direct the work of Praxis is an extension of her career as a teacher, manager, and researcher in Lifelong Learning, Further and Higher Education.

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OR Telephone: 01908 (6)55927

Shahnaz Hussain (Shiny) - Praxis Centre Manager

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Shahnaz manages the overall Praxis operation including:

  • Project management and oversight of all funded Praxis projects
  • Development of the communications plans
  • Financial planning and budgets
  • Creation, Development and delivery of Website/Intranet/Social Media Strategy
  • Local, National and International Event Management

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OR Telephone: 01908 (6)53517

Katie Pauley - Praxis Centre Support Assistant

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OR Telephone: 01908 (6)38255

Suzie Jarvis - Praxis Centre Support Assistant

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OR Telephone: 01908 (6) 53699


Centre members

Claire Saunders - Associate Dean, Students and Teaching

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Mark Addis - WELS Associate Dean, Knowledge Exchange

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Simon Cross - Senior Lecturer, Institute of Educational Technology

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Jackie Musgrave - Associate Head of School, Learning and Teaching, School of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport 

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Kate Breeze - Associate Head of School, Regions and Nations, School of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport

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Wendy McInally - Associate Head of School, Research and Knowledge Exchange, School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care

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Naomi Watson - Deputy Associate Dean, Teaching Excellence, School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care

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Caroline Tagg - Associate Head of School, Research and Scholarship, School of Languages and Linguistics

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Ursula Stickler

Ursula Stickler - Senior Lecturer in German, School of Languages and Linguistics

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Karen Foley - Praxis Access, Open and Cross-curricular Representative 

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Clare Horackova - Praxis Associate Lecturer Representative

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Nichola Connolly - Praxis Student Representative 

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