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Alan Fitzsimmons

Performing ground-based obervations of 67P

Prof. Alan Fitzsimmons is an astronomer in the QUB Astrophysics Research Centre. His primary research interests are in performing observations of minor bodies in our solar system, comets and asteroids. These studies are generally based on observations performed on the UK supported telescopes in Australia (AAT), the Canary Islands (ING), Hawaii (Gemini) and Chile (Gemini, ESO). For an idea of what these telescopes look like, here's a picture of me next to the Anglo-Australian Telescope (I had more hair then). Alan is also a member of the WASP consortium which has built and operates the SuperWASP facility on La Palma, and the UK Pan-STARRS Science Consortium.

Read Alan's blogs on this site:

Rosetta and 67P from the Very Large Telescope