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Group Members


Professor Laurence Dooley (Chair)


Dr. Patrick Wong


Dr. Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui


Dr. Ian Kennedy


Dr. Dhouha Kbaier


Prof. Adrian Hopgood (Visiting professor)


Current students



Mr. Robin Workman


Mr. Andy Reed


Mr. Jonathan Bailey




Mr. Benjamin Donnachie


Mrs. Lida Shahmiri


Mr. Dumo Ngwenya


Teresa Sides Anthony Luby Philippa Harrison


Former students

Dr. Faisal Tariq

Dr. Mobolaji Akinola

Dr. Alam Atm Shafiul

Dr. Jonny Karlsson

Dr. John Martin

Dr. Eugen Funk

Dr. Parminder Singh Reel

Dr. Smarti Reel

Dr. Dimitrios Karampoulas

Dr. George Jr. S Matthew

Dr. Hnin Myint

Dr. Asif Mahmood

My name is Jonny Karlsson and I work as a senior lecturer and programme director in information technology at Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. I started my doctoral studies as an external part time student back in April 2009 and became a member of the XGMT research group. I was supervised by Prof. Laurence Dooley at the OU and by Dr. Göran Pulkkis at Arcada. I typically made two short visits to the OU per year but most of my doctoral studies I performed externally from Helsinki. The doctoral studies were at times challenging as I had a full-time job as a lecturer at Arcada and got 3 children during the process. Despite some time management challenges and even though I was located far away from the OU campus, I successfully completed my studies due to strong support from the supervision team and I felt being strongly a part of the research group, as we had progress meetings with the whole group on a weekly basis using video conferencing software. During the meetings I had the opportunity to share my progress, success, and failures with whole research group. My supervisors and the members of the XGMT group gave me valuable help and advices throughout my studies and created a very supportive and friendly research environment. I officially got my PhD from the Open University in January 2017.

Dr. Jonny Karlsson
Former student