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Cancer research cluster

Exhibiting the core values of the Open University, the Cancer Group is ‘open to people, places, methods and ideas.’ Our work encompasses a wide range of disciplines applied to cancer, including: molecular biology, chemistry, physics, technology, bioinformatics, engineering, social sciences and education. We also work with world-leading research institutes, universities, hospitals, businesses and organisations. Areas of specific focus include: cancer cell biology (bioinformatics and wet lab work), diagnostics, experimental therapeutics, patient support and care. Specifically, we use a variety of bioinformatic tools to identify novel functional and prognostic genes and variants, particularly regulatory networks. We use state-of-the-art genomic and wet lab techniques to investigate the mechanistic role of non-coding RNAs and epigenetic effectors in cancer initiation and progression. We develop novel radiosensitisers and photosensitisers for cancer treatments. We work to improve cancer care in Africa.

The Group comprises around 20 faculty, technical support and research students, plus a variety of external members. We are always interested in collaborations.

If you are working on a topic related to cancer and would like to become a member or would be interested in hearing about seminars and events organised by the group, please send an email to the group convenor to be added to our email list.

To find out more about our cancer researchers, click on the links below.

List of academic staff

List of researchers, support staff and PhD students

  • Laura Contu
  • Kate Fox
  • Maryam Latarani
  • Francesca Salani
  • Agata Stramek

Publications from the Cancer research cluster

A list of publications from the Cancer research cluster can be found here. 



Vancouver Prostate Centre, Volition, Cambridge University Veterinary School, Genesis Care (Milton Keynes), Milton Keynes University Hospital, Northampton General Hospital