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Global health and development cluster

The School of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences has a strong track record of engagement with global health and development projects. Our research in this area has a multidisciplinary nature with a scope encompassing health, educational and sustainability research. We aim to promote a culture of engagement with international researchers and develop projects that reinforce the School’s commitment to the University’s Societal Challenges Strategy in the areas of sustainability, wellbeing, globalisation, openness, equity and leadership in education.  If you are working on a topic related to Global Health and Development and would like to become a member or would be interested in hearing about seminars and events organised by the group, please send an email to the group convenor to be added to our email list.


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List of academic staff

Our work

Fleming Fund: Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance 

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a leading global health issue with 1.27M deaths globally in 2019 making it the 12th leading cause of death, above HIV and malaria with social and economic costs and several of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals dependent on the continued effectiveness of antimicrobials. Addressing this threat is a global priority, particularly in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa where the impact of infectious diseases is highest and their is limited ability to respond to AMR. Supported by the Fleming Fund members of our cluster been part of the team involved in developing and implementing a Global AMR curriculum that will support a range of stakeholders in all 24 Fleming Fund countries to increase their knowledge, skills and understanding of AMR.  

The impact of online communication on people with long-term conditions

The use of technology in communication has brought both opportunities in healthcare and also negative experiences with unequal impacts on populations or groups. The World Health Organisation recognises modern challenges to global health such as online safety and violence, the role of online information in global health emergencies, and discrimination as a public health issue. Members of our cluster have been involved in multidisciplinary work to examine the online experiences of people with long-term conditions, with national and international collaborations with non-governmental organisations. Our research on cyber-victimisation and disability has contributed to national policy and is recognised internationally. 

Publications from the Global Health and Development cluster

A list of publications from the Global Health and Development research cluster can be found here.