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Neuroscience research cluster

The Neuroscience research group was created in January 2020 and builds upon the long history of neuroscience research activity at the OU. The group contains a wide range of neuroscience research expertise, encompassing everything from fundamental cellular and molecular approaches to the study of neural functioning through to behavioural analyses of complex cognition, mental health and wellbeing. Members of the group are also involved in producing and delivering several neuroscience-focused undergraduate modules including SK298 Brain, Mind and Mental Health and SD329 Signals and Perception: the Science of the Senses, as well as supporting the Taught Postgraduate Masters in Mental Health Science qualification. The group is also associated with the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) Local Group based at the OU. The Group currently consists of approximately 20 faculty, technicians and research students drawn from LHCS but colleagues from other Schools and Faculties are most welcome! If you are working on a topic related to neuroscience and would like to become a member or would be interested in hearing about seminars and events organised by the group, please send an email to the group convenors to be added to our email list.

Group of members in the Neuroscience Conference

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List of academic staff

List of researchers, support staff and PhD students

Publications from the Neuroscience research cluster

A list of publications from the Neuroscience research cluster can be found here.