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Christian Cooke secures postdoctoral position at INESC TEC

Congratulations to Christian Cooke who completed his PhD degree on Mathematical modelling of electrical power system stability – Looking towards a zero carbon future and has secured a three-year postdoctoral position at The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) based at the University of Porto, Portugal.

13th January 2024

Pivotal moment for humanity from threats of climate tipping points

The Global Tipping Points Report, the most comprehensive assessment of tipping points, has been published, including contributions from Ivan Sudakow and Pallavi Anand.

9th December 2023

Dan Rust Isaac Newton Institute Network Support grant

Dan Rust and collaborators have been awarded a £20,000 Isaac Newton Institute Network Support grant for The Grimm Network in Aperiodic Order

8th December 2023

Mathematics of Mass Extinctions INI Network Support

Ivan Sudakow and Sergei Petrovskii (Leicester) have been awarded a £20,000 grant from the Isaac Newton Institute to develop the Mathematics of Mass Extinctions research network.

3rd December 2023

New postdoctoral researcher Sam Cameron

Welcome to new postdoctoral researcher Sam Cameron who will be working with Elsen Tjhung on Elsen's EPSRC-funded research project Thermodynamics of growing active and living matter.

5th November 2023

Launch of the Data Science Professional certificate

The Alliance for Data Science Professionals has launched the Data Science Professional certificate which together with the Advanced Data Science Professional certificate offer two accreditation levels for those working in data science.

2nd November 2023

Student research bursaries in mathematics and statistics 2023

The School of Mathematics and Statistics supports an annual Student research bursaries programme. 

30th September 2023

Neanderthal gene variants associated with greater pain sensitivity

Kaustubh Adhikari's recent paper Neanderthal introgression in SCN9A impacts mechanical pain sensitivity, published in Communications Biology, suggests that individuals with certain Neanderthal variants in a gene are more sensitive to pain.

25th September 2023

Mass extinction events at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Congratulations to Ivan Sudakow who has secured a Research in Groups project on Exploring scaling of mass extinction events for climate tipping point modelling at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh.

7th August 2023

Permutations patterns at Oberwolfach

Congratulations to Robert Brignall who with colleagues has been awarded a mini-workshop on Permutations patterns at Oberwolfach.

28th July 2023

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