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Yasushi Nagai secures lectureship in Shinshu University, Japan

Post-doctoral research associate Yasushi Nagain has secured a lectureship in Shinshu University, Matsumoto City, Japan, starting April 2021.

3rd April 2021

Brigitte Stenhouse awarded the International Commission on the History of Mathematics 2021 Montucla Prize

Brigitte Stenhouse has been awarded the International Commission on the History of Mathematics 2021 Montucla Prize for her article Mary Somerville’s early contributions to the circulation of differential calculus, published in Historia Mathematica in 2020. 

11th March 2021

Alison Maidment listed in Best Writings on Mathematics 2020

PhD student Alison Maidment's recent paper A Man Who Has Infinite Capacity for Making Things Go: Sir Edmund Taylor Whittaker (1873-1956), co-authored with Mack McCartney and published in The British Journal for the History of Mathematics (2019), has made the list of 'Notable Writings' in the book  Best Writings on Mathematics 2020 by Mircea Pitik.  

1st December 2020

EPSRC grant success in algebraic invariants in symbolic dynamics

Reem Yassawi has been awarded a £336,713 EPSRC New Investigator Award for her project Computing algebraic invariants of symbolic dynamical systems.

1st December 2020

Professor Uwe Grimm secures EPSRC New Horizons grant

Professor Uwe Grimm has secured a £201,914 EPSRC New Horizon's grant on Novel superior materials based on aperiodic tilings with co-investigators  Iestyn Jowers and Richard Moat from the School of Engineering & Innovation.

30th November 2020

New statistics professor Stefanie Biedermann

Welcome to new statistics professor Stefanie Biedermann!

31st August 2020

Robin Wilson publishes 50th book

Professor Robin Wilson has published his 50th book Number Theory: A Very Short Introduction with Oxford University Press.

29th May 2020

New book "Simply Riemann" by Jeremy Gray

Professor Jeremy Gray has published a new book Simply Riemann as part of the Simply Charly book series.

5th April 2020

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