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Downloadable books by Joseph Hanlon & Teresa Smart (and others)

Compressed versions are easier to download but may be harder to read

Zimbabwe Takes Back its Land

by Joseph Hanlon, Jeanette Mangengwa & Teresa Smart 

Compressed (4 Mb)   Full copy (24 Mb)

Bangladesh Confronts Climate Change

by Manoj Roy, Joseph Hanlon, and David Hulme download (16 Mb)

Civil War, Civil Peace

by Helen Yanacopulos & Joseph Hanlon - download (8 Mb)

Chickens and beer: A recipe for agricultural growth in Mozambique

By Teresa Smart & Joseph Hanlon. In English, free pdf download (6 Mb)   Summary in English

Galinhas e Cerveja. In Portuguese from bookshops in Maputo (Karibu at airport, Livaria UEM, Bazar Pariso, Mivany) or direct from the distributor: Kapicua, (which has recently moved to) Av de Maguiguana (nr Lenine), Maputo. Capitulo 1 - IntroduçãoTabelas, gráficos e figuras que estão faltando na edição impressa do capítulo 6 do Galinhas e cerveja


Há mais bicicletas - mas há desenvolvimento? 

free download of out of print Portuguese edition (5 Mb)

Do bicycles equal development in Mozambique?

Still available in English from the publisher or Amazon - e-book and paperback.

Mozambique & the Great Flood of 2000

by Frances Christie & Joseph Hanlon download (28 Mb) 
Moçambique e as grandes cheias de 2000 download (78Mb)

Peace without Profit - How the IMF block rebuilding (31 Mb)
Paz sem Beneficio - Como of FMI Bloqueia a Reconstrução (50 Mb)

Mozambique: Who Calls the Shots (61 Mb)

Mozambique: The Revolution Under Fire (17 Mb compressed) or 113 Mb

Other books

Colera e catarse
by Carlos Serra - excellent 2002 study showing opposition to anti-cholera campaigns was the poor challenging growing inequality and poverty - preface also in English

Why Peace Worked - Mozambicans Look Back
Porque prevaleceu a paz - Moçambicanos respondem
by Lucia van den Bergh - reflecting on the success, and the limitations, of the 1992 peace accord

Mozambique chapters in Africa Yearbook