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2023 & 2024 and earlier elections

All of Mozambique's multi-party elections, beginning in 1994, have been reported in detail by ever-larger teams. Reports are in three places in this website:

  • Summaries and full results tables are contained in the Mozambique Political Process Bulletin (MPPB), in English and Portuguese. Click on Bulletin or Boletim above.

  • For frequent newsletters reporting the detailed process from 2013, in English and Portuguese, click on the index to the right.

  • Frequent newsletters published during earlier elections are included with the MPPB, click above.

Mozambique Election Results archive

All available data from Mozambican elections from 1999 through to 2014 is in this archive. Election results are in a variety of formats and different levels of detail, for most elections down to polling station (700-1000 voters) level, as published by the National Elections Commission (CNE). In addition there are some Constitutional Council rulings which contain results, some parallel vote tabulations (PVTs), and official lists of polling stations, which follow the official results.

Local media monitoring of Mozambique elections, by Adriano Nuvunga and Joseph Hanlon

Background to the election newsletters. In a system developed in three pairs of municipal and national elections (2003-4, 2008-9, 2013-4), journalists from community radio and other local media, while continuing to work for their own organisation, also report to a national daily newsletter on registration, campaigning, voting and counting. Reports of local violence and misconduct are quickly reported nationally, usually bringing rapid responses. Paper presented at the London School of Economics & Political Science Africa Summit, 31 March 2017.