Library Webchat accessibility

The Library Helpdesk uses different Webchat systems between 9am to 5pm and 5pm to 9am. Depending on your own needs, you may want to make Webchat more accessible. The changing colour and font size guidance is the same for both systems, but different for screen readers.

Changing colour and font size

The following options can be changed:

  • background colour
  • text colour
  • font size within the chat box

To do this, you will need to amend your browser settings. If you are unsure about how to do this, My Computer My Way from AbilityNet provides instructions on changing colours and font size in Vision - seeing the screen.

Screen reader accessibility

9am to 5pm Comm100 Webchat

Comm100 Webchat makes a noise when the librarian sends a reply. Use the Up and Down Arrows to move between the conversation and input box. Using Up Arrow, a screen reader will read the time a reply was sent and then the message text.

5pm to 9am LibAnswers Webchat

Before starting chatting you will need to complete a form. Name and Question are required fields. 

You can request a transcript using the Email transcript button. This takes you to a new window or tab without an announcement.

Combination of Firefox and NVDA

The most recent message in the conversation will be read automatically. 

Combination of Google Chrome and JAWS

Each time you send a message and the librarian replies the focus of JAWS goes to the beginning of the chat and reads through all messages before the most recent. Use the arrow keys to jump through previous messages.  

These issues have been shared with the suppliers of LibAnswers.

For more information about using this system, please see the LibAnswers accessibility statement.

For further support

If, after reading this page, you still have queries about using the service, please contact the Library Helpdesk by: