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Estates is responsible for providing and managing all of the Open University’s land and buildings. This includes the internal and external sports and club facilities.

Regular condition surveys and inspections of buildings and services are undertaken. These are supported by planned and reactive maintenance regimes to ensure that the facilities remain acceptable and suitable for purpose.

In addition, frequent routine checks on sports grounds are carried out. Appropriate maintenance and limitations on use are then applied to ensure both the short term and long term availability of these grounds.

Planned renovations take place each year on the football pitch, cricket pitch and outfields. During this time the area concerned is out-of-bounds. Periods when the pitches are unavailable are as follows:

Football Pitch

  • From the beginning of May to the end of August or early September (depending on the progress of the seed germination)
  • For a weekend game the pitch is prepared Friday morning.
  • After each weekend game, the pitch is repaired every Monday.
  • During the six-a-side competition, the pitch is repaired every day.

Cricket Square

  • Renovations start late September and finish in early May
  • During the cricket season and six-a-side competition, the square is maintained on a daily basis.

Outfields – Cricket nets side

  • Renovations start at the end of February and finish around the beginning of May.

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