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1.34 Proportionality and use of force

Academic team: Professor Graham Pike and Dr Zoe Walkington
Policing partners: West Midlands Police
Academic partners: Professor Mark Levine and Dr Richard Philpot from Lancaster University
Status: In progress

Police officer covering lens of body worn camera

Proportionality, particularly as it relates to ethnicity and legitimacy, is very important for policing and the issue is high on every force agenda.

The goal of the current project is to explore interactions that involve use of force between West Midlands Police officers and citizens, by analysing body-worn camera footage.

The research aims to determine whether the actions and behaviours of both officers and citizens differ depending on a range of factors, including ethnicity.



Dr Paul Walley receives the award presented by Professor Tim Blackman, Vice-Chancellor, OU

The Steven Chase Memorial Award

As part of the Memorial Lecture on 15 June, we had The Steven Chase Award which is for a CPRL project which best illustrates “research into practice and practice into research” and which is based on collaboration between an academic and a police organisation. 

20th July 2023
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