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1.39 Addressing domestic abuse in the police service in Wales

Academic team: Dr Holly Taylor-Dunn, Dr Anna Hopkins, Dr Shona Morrison
Policing partners: Gwent Police, South Wales Police, North Wales Police, Dyfed Powys Police

Academic partners: University of South Wales
Status: Complete


Academics at The Open University are working in partnership with the University of South Wales to hold a networking event aimed at understanding how police forces in Wales are addressing domestic abuse within their organisations. 

The event is being funded by the All Wales Police Academic Partnership and has three key objectives:

  1. To identify the policies and processes involved in addressing Police Perpetrated Domestic Abuse (PPDA) in all four Welsh forces.
  2. To identify types of support offered to police employees affected by domestic abuse in all four Welsh forces.
  3. To understand how the national context in Wales has informed the development of policies and processes.

The event will provide an opportunity for the Welsh forces to network with each other and learn about the different approaches they are taking.  It will also consider the unique context in Wales where police forces have to adhere to Home Office rules but are also subject to devolved legislation.  Following the event, a research plan will be developed so that the different approaches in Wales can be evaluated to understand how they are working in practice. 


Title Outputs type Lead academic Year
Addressing domestic abuse within the police - exploring Welsh police forces' response to victims and offenders as employees Final report Taylor-Dunn, H 2023



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