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Theme 2: Digitally enabled policing


Police car on Westminster Bridge

2.20 Can coercive control behaviour be identified through Machine Learning?

The aim is to investigate whether coercive control behaviours can be identified through automated data analysis techniques.

Police car on Westminster Bridge

2.21 Evaluation of Virtual Reality as an effective learning tool to enhance police training in child protection

The aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of immersive videos related to child protection issues.

Police car on Westminster Bridge

2.22 How can a short, cost effective growth mindset intervention result in sustained improvements in management behaviours?

The aim is to test a short growth mindset intervention, delivered via an app that encourages reflection, to motivate and improve capacity of managers. 



Police car on Westminster Bridge

2.15 Prospecting chatbots as a communication platform to tackle cyber grooming

Investigating the viability of using chatbots as a communication channel for the police to tackle online grooming

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2.14 Citizen Forensics

A multi-disciplinary investigation which encourages citizens to help the police collect and analyse disparate data to improve public safety.

Police officers talking

2.09 Building sustainable policing practitioner communities online

Project used 'nQuire-it' platform to generate data through 'citizen inquiry' methodology (the use of scientific method by the public to raise and resolve problems).

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2.08 Systems Thinking and Complexity Science for Policing

This project introduced the basic ideas of systems thinking and complexity science, and enabled police practitioners to apply it to real problems from their professional experience

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2.06 Game-based Learning for Police Training in Child Interviewing

This research project developed a training simulation system for child witness interview training

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2.04 Strategies for effective social media engagement

This project aimed to identify key strategies for effective social media engagement by police forces

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2.02 Enhanced engagement of public via social media

What are the best message-writing practices to generate a higher level of social media engagement?

Police officers in hi vis jackets

2.01 Detecting grooming behaviour on social media

Developing self-protection tools to automatically identify predators


Launch of CPRL Small Grants Pilot Scheme: Testing Policing Innovations

As announced at the CPRL Membership Group meeting on Thursday 07 March we are delighted to have launched the CPRL Small Grants Pilot Scheme following approval at the membership group meeting in December 2023.

26th March 2024
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