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Theme 4: Health, wellbeing and resilience


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4.06 Building resilience: Co-designing an online rainbow toolkit for public health systems to promote wellbeing and resilience in LGBTQ+ youth (The PRIDE project)

A pressing public health challenge is addressing the adverse effects of the social violence LGBTQ+ adolescents experience on a day-to-day basis in the UK.



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4.09 Are forces past their 'due date'? The impact of a mother's experience during pregnancy and returning to the workplace after a period of maternity leave

This research seeks to join up the actual experiences of both officers and staff who have been pregnant and had a period of maternity leave.

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4.08 Examining decision-making on the use of evidence-led prosecutions: including their effect on victims' satisfaction levels and subsequent re-engagement with the criminal justice system

This project seeks to address the current gap in UK research by understanding how and when ELPs are used, and importantly, how this is experienced by victims.

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4.07 Investigating police family wellbeing and support needs UK

This study will address the lack of UK research on policing families.

4.05 Games for health and mHealth apps for police and blue light personnel: A scoping review

This project will undertake an in-depth scoping review to ascertain what exisiting literature is available relating to G4H, and mHealth Apps aimed at emergency and Blue Light service providers associated to health and wellbeing.

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4.04 Cognitive impact of circadian misalignment experienced by UK police officers

The project intends to evaluate if shift working behavior can impact 4 well-defined aspects of cognitive performance.

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4.02 Police wellbeing charities

Understanding the types of wellbeing interventions and mechanisms by which charities support policing personnel

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4.01 Assessing the health, wellbeing and welfare of the first responders community in the UK

Reviewing the current landscape of on-going research projects pertaining to the mental health, well-being and welfare of First Responders and their families.


Further funding for research into improving how Police investigate sexual violence

The Centre for Policing Research and learning has secured another year’s funding (£600k) to continue work, alongside Police, to improve the way rape and sexual offences are investigated. 

24th August 2023
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