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Copying and Downloading

Downloading and printing from online library content

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Use of ALL online library resources, including those with trial access, is subject to Copyright Law and the terms of publisher licences. Terms and conditions apply to both printing and downloading

When using the online resources provided by Library Services, all users are automatically required to comply with the user obligations set out in the Eduserv ‘User acknowledgement form’.

Services which allow downloads will be covered by Copyright Law - the same as if you were photocopying part of a printed book or journal - which usually means up to 5% or one chapter of a book and no more. Online content is closely monitored by the suppliers, so any abuse will be noted and reported.

Please contact us for assistance and advice about use of any online content.

Text and Data Mining

Publishers will usually facilitate access to their content for non-commercial text and data mining purposes. Please check for relevant information about the specific resource you would like to use, either on that resource's website or by contacting us for advice. Access to the resource for this purpose might be via a different, separate route. Please check so that access by other Library users is not affected.

Photocopying of print items

You can make single copies of a Copyrighted work for purposes of "non-commercial research or private study". The amount you may copy is not absolutely defined by law, but must be 'insubstantial' in relation to the entire work. The following is displayed as a guide only. Please contact us if in doubt:

  • up to 5% or one article from a journal issue
  • up to 5% or one chapter from a book
  • up to 5% or one paper from a set of conference proceedings
  • up to 5% or one report of one case from a book of law reports
  • up to 5% of an anthology of short stories or poems or one short story or one poem of not more than 10 pages

Document Delivery photocopy requests

Non-commercial request

A document delivery request is considered non-commercial if:

  • Your request is for private research or study unrelated to commercial venture. This includes research within the University not related to commercial gain or profit to any organisation or individual.

Commercial request

A document delivery request is considered commercial if:

  • Your request will aid research that will result in direct or indirect financial gain
  • Your request will aid research on a project that is funded by an organisation

If you feel your request is considered commercial by the above guidelines please contact the Document delivery team on 01908 652361 or email

You can find relevant information provided by the British Library and the Copyright Licensing Agency on the British Library website: FAQs on changes to Copyright law