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Credits for Library Search icon images

The following icons are used in Library Search:

"icon_article": zhaolifang Vectors by

From the Noun project:

"icon_audio" and "icon_audiocassette" by Aldric Rodríguez Iborra
"icon_cd" and "icon_dvd" by  Jamison Wieser
“icon_collection” and "icon_pbook" by Delwar Hossain
"icon_conference_proceeding" by Ralf Schmitzer, background document "icon_text_resource" from Icon fest
"icon_database" by Rockicon
"icon_dataset" by  Rockicon
"icon_digital_collection" by Misirlou
"icon_dissertation" by Delwar Hossain, (background document "icon_text_resource" from Icon fest)
"icon_book" and "icon_book_chapter" by Nick Kinling
"icon_film" by Sai Aditya
"icon_filmstrip" by Alexander Skowalsky
"icon_government_document" by Syfiqa Fickle
"icon_image" by + Shmidt Sergey +
"icon_journal" by Andrey Vasiliev
"icon_kit" by Maurizio Fusillo, Beaker: Shmidt Sergey, Experiment (test tube): Dinosoft Labs, Research (magnifying glass): Creative Stall, Microscope: IYIKON
"icon_legal_document" by art shop
"icon_map" by Felix Brönnimann
"icon_microform" by art shop, Yaroslav Samoylov
"icon_muliplever" by Hea Poh Lin
"icon_newspaper" by Setyo Ari Wibowo
"icon_newspaper_article" by Dinosoft Labs
"icon_online_document" by Jonathan Collie (cloud), (background document "icon_text_resource" from Icon fest)
"icon_other" by Muhamad Ulum
"icon_playbill" by TenSheep
"icon_reference_entry" by Irene Hoffman
"icon_review" by Cody Foss
"icon_score" by Arthur Shlain
"icon_statistics_data"  and "icon_research_data" by MRFA
"icon_statistics_data_set" and "icon_research_dataset" by MRFA, (background from "icon_dataset" by  Rockicon)
"icon_technical_report" by Connor Fowler
"icon_text_resource" by Icons fest
"icon_video" by Adrien Coquet
"icon_video_cassette" by b farias
"icon_website" by icons

Special Categories used by webdevelopment/management: