Customer Charter

Our commitment to our customers is to:

  • Ensure your needs are the focus of the services and collections that we provide
  • Continually investigate ways of improving our services
  • Treat all customers with courtesy and respect
  • Ensure equality of access to our services
  • Ensure that the Open University Library uses resources effectively for the benefit of its customers
  • Welcome feedback concerns or suggestions and act upon them appropriately
  • Train and develop our staff so that you receive a quality service
  • Publicise our range of services, terms and conditions and opening hours, and keep you informed of any changes
  • Create a pleasant and welcoming environment

Our customers can help us by:

  • Carrying a Library membership card when visiting the Library
  • Issuing all items on the self issue machines before leaving the building
  • Returning all loans on time
  • Considering others by keeping noise to a minimum in open study areas
  • Only using mobile phones for calls in the stairwells 
  • Disposing of all food and drink containers in the bins provided
  • Not smoking in the building
  • Taking reasonable care of your own health and safety whilst in the Library and reading all Health and Safety and Fire notices
  • Giving feedback on any of the services we provide.

Children and young people under the age of 16 are only allowed in the Library if they are accompanied by an adult. Children are the responsibility of the accompanying adult whilst on Library premises, who must ensure adequate supervision and control at all times.