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Explore Curated Resources

Exploring Equality and Diversity resources

These resources have been selected in support of the OU's commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). You will find books, articles, journals and more to learn about these topics.

This is a work in progress – we will add resource lists in relation to more events, issues, and communities. We will also continue to update existing lists.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these pages. If you have an idea for a topic to cover or an item to add to a resource list, please contact us.

Someone in a red coat walking down a country lane


This collection of resources will help you better understand the climate crisis, and all the things we can do to slow climate change. These resources have been selected by the OU Sustainability team.

Race and ethnicity

Discover resources relating to various aspects of race and ethnicity, to better understand the history and experiences of people of colour. These resources have been selected by the OU BME Staff Network.

Diverse Voices

Discover resources from groups who are typically under-represented in commercial publications. Broaden your research, understand new perspectives on your area of study, and discover views that are representative of the world we live in.

Autism Awareness

These resources have been selected in celebration of Autism Awareness Week. They discuss the experiences of autistic people and their families, covering autism in the context of technology, employment, education, language and literature, family life, independence, and health.

Black History

Resources highlighting Black history and Black authors, artists, politicians, inventors and more selected by the University's BME network and the Friends of BME. Resources here also include books, articles and other items on anti-racist activism. 


Explore resources featured in our Pride coverage, focussing on LGBTQ+ history and activism as well as LGBTQ+ authors, artists, and others.