OU study materials

The Open University has been creating study materials for students since 1971. The University Archive holds a comprehensive collection of the materials, including:

  • Printed materials such as module handbooks and blocks
  • Audio visual material including video/TV programmes, DVDs, audio CDs and cassettes
  • Multimedia such as DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs
  • Associated materials including a selection of home experiment kits, set books, transcripts of audio/visual materials, prospectuses, and broadcast calendars

Accessing Open University study materials

Printed and audio/visual materials from modules currently offered by the Open University are available for reference in the Library building at the Walton Hall campus in Milton Keynes. Not all modules may be included in this collection - please contact the Library to check that materials are available if you are travelling a distance and wish to access a particular module.

Archive materials from non-current modules are available to access by appointment with the University Archive Team.

A selection of clips from study materials videos is available to view on The Open University Digital Archive (OUDA).

To search for study materials held at the Open University Library, use Library Search

Study materials available online

Open University study materials and related learning materials are also available online through the following sites:

Open Learn

Free educational resources created by the Open University


Download Open University materials

The OU Learn channel on Youtube

A collection of videos from Open University modules and OU/BBC programmes

Contact us

For more information about the Study Materials Collection or to make an appointment to view archive material, contact the University Archive Team.