The following information introduces our offer in this curriculum area, and is not exhaustive. It is organised into two sections: courses, modules and qualifications, and free materials on OpenLearn. 

Courses, modules and qualifications

Curriculum support for National Progression Awards

Schools in Scotland have a unique opportunity to participate in a pilot Cisco Networking Academy programme, through the OU's School of Computing and Communications.

Teachers are able to train as Cisco instructors and access learning materials that support the curriculum for National Progression Awards in Computer Networking and Cyber Security in Scotland.

The Open University Cisco Academy Support Centre and Instructor Training Centre is currently one of the UK's biggest.

We openly collaborate with others to support a community of over 300 educational organisations, offering resources, support and professional development. 

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Undergraduate modules

The following undergraduate modules may be of particular interest for subject knowledge development. These can be taken as standalone modules or be linked to a broader qualification. 

Masters programme

If you already have undergraduate level qualifications in technology, you may be interested in our innovative Open masters programme. This allows you to combine different specialist modules - including those with a technology focus - with education modules, professional learning modules or other modules of interest.   

Short courses

We also offer short courses in Linux essentials and Digital photography: creating and sharing better images

Free OpenLearn materials

Explore our extensive range of free materials related to Technology on the Science, Maths and Technology hub on the OpenLearn website.