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Young Applicants in Schools Scheme

YASS, our Young Applicants in Schools Scheme, is designed to bridge the gap between school and university, college or employment and helps motivated students stand out from the crowd. It encourages independent learning and builds confidence. Taking part in YASS develops key skills like time management and using an online study environment.

Registration for YASS modules is organised through the school, although students deal directly with the OU when it comes to course work and assessment. Over 12,200 young people from 326 schools have taken Open University modules through YASS.

YASS registration for 2024/25 is now open. The registration deadline for 2024/25 applications is 5pm, on 2 September 2024. Find out more about YASS:

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What is YASS?

Our national programme for S6 pupils lets them study university level courses at school.

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Get involved

Interested schools should allocate a co-ordinator, who we can liaise with about YASS.

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What can I study?

Courses are in a range of subject areas, from law to languages, and accounting to science.

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How to register

Registration for 2024/25 is now open, until 5pm on 2 September 2024.

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YASS resources

Access our YASS Guide and Course List, plus Teachers Guide and resource pack.

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Benefits of YASS

Students can deepen their existing knowledge or try a completely different subject. 

A smiling student.

What's it like?

Students share their experiences of taking part in the programme.

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YASS Guide

The downloadable 2024/25 interactive YASS Guide includes a list of courses that can be studied.