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What do students say about YASS?

Students from St Matthew's Academy in Saltcoats, Lochaber High School and Grangemouth High School share their thoughts on taking part in the Young Applicants in Schools Scheme:   

The module has given me an insight into the subject area and I think I will look like a more enthusiastic applicant when it comes to university admission applications as I have taken time to study a relevant subject on top of school work.

I think it gives a good insight into uni studies and also makes you get used to working online and by yourself without any guidance from teachers.

I can now follow a schedule and am better with time management, I have to be prepared and work on my own without help. I have to be able to keep up with the course work and because of this I have also found my reading and note taking skills have got better.

It’s not something everybody can do and it’s a real achievement when you pass. It also means that I have experience of university level learning and experience of working by myself without help on-hand like in school.

I have learned to organise my own learning, I need to work out for myself when and how best to study and organise my time.