YASS - How to register

YASS registration for 2023/24 is now closed. If you are interested in finding out how to enrol students next year (2024/25), please email Scotland-yass@open.ac.uk

Early applications encouraged

Schools are encouraged to apply before the summer holidays as:

  • Students are more likely to be able to register on their chosen course.
  • It’s easier for students to change courses / withdraw from a course before they start when they are already registered.
  • It means students are likely to have access to their course materials ahead of courses starting in October and will be able to get a head start. 

Funding for YASS courses in Scotland

YASS receives support from the Scottish Funding Council. This continues to allow us to offer fully funded places for pupils from local authority schools undertaking 10 and 30 credit modules.

A hand holding a pen on a sheet of paperAs part of the application process, we collect information from students about their nationality and residency in Scotland and use this to work out how much funding is required for their module.

With new guidance around residency and funding since Brexit, some students may be asked to provide further information. If co-ordinators, pupils or parents/carers/guardians have any questions about YASS funding, please contact the YASS team.

Independent schools should contact the YASS team to discuss payment methods.

YASS registration - information for school co-ordinators

School YASS co-ordinators submit registration applications on behalf of their pupils. Information for 2024/25 registrations will be available here in Spring 2024. Please email Scotland-yass@open.ac.uk with any queries meanwhile.