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These fee-paying OU Courses are organised in collaboration with police partners, into categories of interest for all police officers and staff. All courses, except the short course, are credit bearing, which when combined form part of an OU qualification.

Select the duration of study below and you will be taken to resources that match that duration.


25-60 hours  6 months (part time) 9 months (part time)

25-60 hours

Developing a strategic view

This course is for managers who are or are likely to be involved in the process of strategy in their organisation. It will cover strategic analysis, the identification and choice of strategic options and address the challenges and pitfalls of implementing strategy. It takes a dynamic and hands on approach and through activities and case studies. It will equip you with the tools and techniques to be effective in thinking and acting strategically.

Course code: BG004

Developing better teams

This course gives practical advice to those who want to improve how their team works together, and looks at how to challenge teams that are already performing well. Through a series of micro case studies, the course looks at real-world team challenges. You will explore and commit to implementing creative ways of team working and team leading. By the end of the course you will have an action plan for enhancing your team.

Course code: BG012

Developing your leadership style

This course focuses on the different leadership theories and styles which will enable you to understand how leadership is demonstrated within you own organisation and how your own leadership practice can be developed. It is suitable for managers in all sectors, at both first line and middle management levels. It will be particularly relevant for new managers but can also benefit experienced managers without previous training.

Course code: BG005

Managing change

Change means many things to different people. As a manager you may be asked to identify when change is needed, manage its implementation or guide others through it. In this course you will learn about strategies, skills and techniques to help you be more successful as a change manager. The course draws on your own experience and organisation as well as examples from other organisations to stimulate your thinking.

Course code: BG011

Managing performance through people

As a manager your role is to get the best from resources and people. This course is designed to help you to develop techniques and skills to recognise fluctuations in performance, know when and how to intervene to deal with poor and under-performance and to encourage more consistent results and high performance where it is possible. You will gain some useful tools to develop your own management performance in the workplace.

Course code: BG009

New managers' toolkit

Becoming a manager may have been a dream job and an aspiration for a long time. The benefit of recognition, remuneration and control over your everyday environment seem obvious. You probably like people too and want to get the best from your staff. So why does it all seem so daunting now you are there? Why does it seem so much more complex and stressful? And why don’t people behave in the way you expected?

Course code:BG003

Project Management

This short course takes you through the cycle of a project, from early conception and defining the scope through to the evaluation and lesson learned. You will look at tools, techniques and standards developed by professional organisations such as PMBOK but also explore what is used in your own organisation. This short course will help those new to project management to lead and/or contribute to projects more effectively.

Course code: BG007

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6 months (part time)

Management Practice

This module introduces management ideas and uses activities to build on your existing knowledge and skills through the application of management theory. You will develop your understanding of management practice in your work, and in the wider context of organisations. You will critically evaluate your workplace context in relation to management practice and review your knowledge and skills. 

Course code: B123

Credits: 30

Managing 1: organisations and people - online version

This module investigates organisational behaviour and human resource management. Designed for working managers, management trainees, supervisors and team leaders, it takes a very practice-based approach to studying management concepts, focusing on your own role. It is suitable for aspiring managers provided you have experience of work involving leading a group or team; a project or task involving one or more others.

Course code: BZX628

Credits: 30

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9 months (part time)

An introduction to business and management

This module provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to business and management in a globalised world. Through readings and international case studies you’ll explore a wide range of topics in contemporary business and management. Using a blend of text, audio video and interactive online activities, you’ll develop vital skills for study and for work in business, public or voluntary sector organisations.

Course code: B100

Credits: 60

Leadership and management in health and social care

This module is for existing and aspiring managers wishing to learn more about management and leadership in health and social care. It will help you develop the necessary knowledge and analytical skills, as well as providing an overview of the organisational, legal and policy contexts within which managers operate, focusing on the challenges and opportunities faced in this sector.

Course code: K313

Credits: 60

People, work and society Access module

This access course covers a broad range of subject areas, including children and young people; health; law; management; psychology; and social science to prepare you for a range of qualifications. You’ll study four themes: Individuals; Families and relationships; Organisations and communities; and Society. It will also gently introduce you to computing and online learning; and essential study skills needed for higher education.

Course code: Y032

Credits: 30

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