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Computing & IT

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These fee-paying OU Courses are organised in collaboration with police partners, into categories of interest for all police officers and staff. All courses, except the short course, are credit bearing, which when combined form part of an OU qualification.

Select the duration of study below and you will be taken to resources that match that duration


6 months (part time) 9 months (part time)

6 months (part time)

Web, mobile and cloud technologies

In our personal lives, cloud and mobile technologies allow us to store, access and share information online. Storing and processing information with no clear physical location or legal authority raises important concerns around governance and security. In this online module you will learn about the technical and social aspects of cloud computing and mobile technologies, and you will gain hands-on experience of these technologies.

Course code: TM352

Credits: 30

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9 months (part time)

Communication and information technologies

Digital communication and information technologies have become fundamental to the operation of modern societies. New products and services are rapidly transforming our lives, both at work and at play. In this module you will learn the core principles on which these new technologies are built. After studying the module you’ll be in a better position to appreciate the potential of the new technologies.

Course code: TM255

Credits: 60

Communications technology

Electronic communication is ubiquitous in homes, offices and urban environments. This module gives you an insight into the fundamental principles of communications technologies. Through these principles you will gain an insight into the possibilities and constraints of modern communications technology. This module complements other modules relating to networking, human-computer interaction, and pervasive computing

Course code: TM355

Credits: 60

Introduction to computing and information technology 1

This is the first of two OU level one modules that introduce you to key concepts in computing and information technology (IT), such as digital technologies, programming and networking. This module will equip you with a comprehensive toolbox of relevant knowledge, understanding and skills and introduce you to issues encountered in computing and IT, including the profound social and ethical challenges posed by these technologies. You will also develop your key skills including communication, numeracy and digital and information literacy (DIL). 

Course code: TM111

Credits: 30

Introduction to computing and information technology 2

This module builds on Introduction to computing and information technology 1 (TM111) and prepares you for further study of computing and IT modules. You will:

  • learn about a variety of information technologies – including basic computer architecture, the cloud and mobile computing – while training your numerical skills
  • develop problem-solving skills as you get familiar with the Python programming language, analyse real-world data and carry out a programming project
  • practise your communication and analytical skills as you explore the profound legal, social, ethical and security challenges posed by information technologies

Course code: TM112

Credits: 30

Science, technology and maths Access module

This access course introduces a range of subjects, including science; engineering and design; environment; mathematics; and computing and IT to prepare you for a wide range of qualifications. You’ll study a range of topics in three study blocks – Life, Water and Home. This module will also gently introduce you to computing and online learning; the perfect way to gain the study skills you’ll need for the next step in your studies.

Course code: Y033

Credits: 30

Technologies in practice

This module provides an opportunity to sample some of the key areas in computing and information technology. You will be introduced to three topics: robotics, networking, and Linux. Studying these topics will enable you to develop essential computing and IT skills. You will be applying what you learn by developing a portfolio to demonstrate your skills and understanding in these areas.

Course code: TM129

Credits: 30

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2023 Annual Report

This annual report features a selection of the work undertaken across 2023 which we consider to be highly relevant for the current policing environment.

15th May 2024
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