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These fee-paying OU Courses are organised in collaboration with police partners, into categories of interest for all police officers and staff. All courses, except the short course, are credit bearing, which when combined form part of an OU qualification.

Select the duration of study below and you will be taken to resources that match that duration

6 months (part time) 9 months (part time)

6 months (part time)

Exploring legal boundaries

This module will give you the opportunity to research a legal topic of your own choice. It will support your research of your chosen topic and help you to present your findings as a written report of your research methods and in poster format. You will work with other students to prepare your poster and will be encouraged to help each other in your academic endeavours.

Course code: W350

Credits: 30

Law, society and culture

In this innovative module, you will explore the relationships between law, society and culture. You will have a unique opportunity to shape your pathway through the module by choosing the theme of your final block of study focusing either on “law and humanities” or on “law and sciences”. This module will equip you with a range of legal transfer by skills necessary for further study, as well as for your personal and professional life. 

Course code: W340

Credits: 30

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9 months (part time)

An introduction to law

This introductory module considers the nature and role of law. It examines the role and function of a legal system by considering why laws develop, how laws are created, interpreted and applied and the role that law plays in regulating and administering justice within a society. The relationship between law, judicial reasoning, public policy and politics is also explored.

Course code: W101

Credits: 60

Contract law and tort law

This module explores a range of rights and obligations, how contracts are formed, their terms and how they end. You will consider the policy and practice underpinning the development and growth of contract law and its international aspects. The law of torts is explored, including negligence, nuisance and trespass; set in the context of policy and public interest. You will then consider the growing range of commercial torts.

Course code: W202

Credits: 60

Law: concepts and perspectives

This level 1 module builds your knowledge of the concepts of law, law making and the legal skills gained in An introduction to law (W101).  It considers a range of key legal principles and concepts they play in modern society.  It looks at different legal systems and traditions, and considers the role and place of international law

Course code: W102

Credits: 60

People, work and society Access module

This access course covers a broad range of subject areas, including children and young people; health; law; management; psychology; and social science to prepare you for a range of qualifications. You’ll study four themes: Individuals; Families and relationships; Organisations and communities; and Society. It will also gently introduce you to computing and online learning; and essential study skills needed for higher education.

Course code: Y032

Credits: 30

Public law and criminal law

This module explores the relationship between the state and its citizens and critically analyses the principles underpinning constitutional and criminal law. The role and relevance of national constitutions is discussed and the key features of the UK constitution explored. The nature of sovereignty, the protection of individuals and the role of the police are discussed before a range of criminal offences and defences are explored.

Course code: W203

Credits: 60

The law and social work in England and Wales

This module examines the legal frameworks that shape and regulate social care and social work decision-making in England and Wales. It considers how social work can make use of the law in a positive way and examines the value of law from the perspectives of service users and professionals. It considers a range of legal issues related to social care and practice, including children and families services; youth justice; community care; and mental health.

Course code: K270

Credits: 60

The law and social work in Scotland

This module examines the legal frameworks that regulate social work in Scotland. It considers a range of legal issues related to social care and social work practice, including children in need and safeguarding children, criminal and youth justice, community care, housing, and the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 on practice. It also examines the dilemmas encountered in practice of working in an ethical way.

Course code: K207

Credits: 60

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